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Remote shutter options for Nikon D810


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I just purchased a Nikon D810 and want to get a remote wireless trigger. Firstly, I am looking to take photos of northern lights etc where I can control when the shutter . Secondly, maybe also have remote flash trigger as well. I am not sure if I need to go with Nikon brand with this or not. I have been looking at the SMDV RFN-4s from Amazon.ca for wireless trigger. Do you have any recommendations?

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There are lots of options out there currently. It all depends on the amount of control that you desire. Some triggers just activate the shutter. Some are mostly wireless and others are directly connected to the camera. If you want to do time-lapse photography or to program the exposure for different intervals, you'll need something like a Nikon MC-36A Remote. Of course, with it being the Nikon brand, it's a lot more expensive. For a comparison, here is a Neewer Shoot Digital Intervalometer Timer Remote Control EZA-N1 that is less than $20.

What's the difference? Without holding both controllers, I'd say resale value and durability is the main difference. Of course, this should be taken with a grain of salt, as Nikon triggers are just as easy to break as 3rd party triggers. The difference is they take a little longer to break. But for less $20...it's just $20 if it breaks or is forgotten out in the field. I've gone through about 3 third-party triggers in the last 9 years at about $20-$25 a trigger.

The SMDV RFN-4s that you were thinking about looks interesting, but all that trigger does is activate the shutter. So you'll just need to count out your exposure times in your head, unless you just plan on setting the shutter for a 30 sec. exposure and calling it good. Here is the Nikon Wireless Adapter Set which is the OEM version of the SMDV RFN-4s.

So it really boils down to how much you are willing to spend, and what you want the trigger to do for you. Since you are looking to do more Astrophotography and Northern Light stuff, I'd look more a the Intervalometer kind.

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