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Hey Brian - i'm in a bit of a pickle and need some help. You helped me buy a Dell U2715H monitor about a year ago and yesterday on my trip here that monitor got cracked. I won't go in to details about how my husband packed the car for me. Yay. UGH. Anyways, i am away from home for the next while and have a tonne of work to do soooo ordering from DELL is not really an option for me because i don't want to wait a week or more to get it - i want to walk in to a store and pick something up tomorrow so i can get back to work. I spent a frustrating day in and out of stores and cannot find the same model. Standing in line for hours waiting for help is just infuriating me & i never get a "YES, i know what i am talking about answer"  My last monitor was wonderful for me, we loved each other and my prints loved it. I've spent the last hour looking online about what is in stock close to me - Is this monitor good? I'm sticking to DELL only because my computer is Dell however i am finding most of them say they are "gaming" monitors. I would buy something else, but what?!  I have a $700 budget. I need a little Brian in my pocket to make my stress go away & help me buy something decent :( ps; i'm so sorry, i know you are probably so sick of answering this question.




pps: im assuming this monitor is trash worthy? Like can someone do something with it?


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SKIP that display you linked to. It's for gaming, not photo editing. You need a IPS display and one that isn't glossy. 

As for your monitor, it's toast. Find a recycling center that takes computer equipment. 

You might have to wait a week, or try Amazon. 

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The Benq model looks interesting. What concerns me is all of the things you can do with it, all those bells and whistles and auto-brightness, etc. You want consistency;  you want your prints to match your screen. In addition, all that fancy stuff gets in the way of calibration devices, and will more than likely require you to purchase the latest and greatest like a SpyderElite unit to work with that fancy display. 

Walking into a computer store and buying something. That's so 20th Century. LOL! That's not how it's done these days. 

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Right - the world does not cater to walk ins - i find it crazy i am in a humongous city, like the capital of the province and i cannot walk in and buy the monitor i want - i may as well be in my little mountain town in the middle of nowhere. Wish me luck, i have your advice in my pocket & will come home with something today that is not gaming. Oiy.

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