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New iMac purchase, a question or two

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Brian, you answered my questions about what graphics processor and memory to buy in another thread, so I will be ordering the 27 inch iMac with the 3tb fusion drive and 4mg graphics and 16gb ram, etc.  I already back up my MacBook Pro to Backblaze and time machine on an external, however the last couple times I tried with no luck, possibly because the MacBook is overheating and shuts down  midway. It's a mid-2010 with a replaced hard drive but had damage from the elderly cat that was repaired ? And has never quite been the same.  

We also run a Mac Mini with a server but haven't set it up so the server drive is empty. Mostly we were just sharing word docs over the wifi, as my husband and I are writers. 

My question now is what should I be looking at for local backup? My current hard drive is a 1Tb and about 80 percent full. 

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If Time Machine is crapping out on you, then it's probably best to get a new HD and hook it up via a USB cable and manually copy folders over. Or try to use TM with a fresh External drive. 

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Budget? Personally, I own and like G-Drives. Since you are getting a new iMac, it will have a shiny new Thunderbolt Port. So I would get a 3TB G-Drive with Thunderbolt and USB 3.0. If you can swing a $100 more, you could get a 4TB version

If that is too expensive, and you are looking at just getting a 1TB drive, then take a look at this 1TB G-Drive with USB 3.0.

The cool part with G-Drives is they are already Mac Formatted. Just plug them in and go.

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