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20TB backup needed

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I am a professional photographer with close to 20TB of photography much of which is used for multiple projects. I need help figuring out how to backup all of it. Professional backup companies won't take me because it is too small an amount. I'm using 4TB drives because I'm afraid of losing large amounts. But for the originals plus backup it's over 10 drives. I lost an 8TB drive last week with my current work and C Drive backup. To backup to an online server would take weeks of work, I know because I tried and gave up. I'm at a total loss as to how to have 20TB available (and growing) and also back it all up. Any ideas?

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I have a friend that is your shoes as well and has bunches of filled external hard drives. So I'm actually trying to figure out this one myself as I type this. 

My first question is: Budget? Because this isn't going to be cheap. Like $3000+ not cheap. 20TB+ with any kind of redundancy is not inexpensive at all. We are looking at a large capacity NAS or something called a SAN. 

More to come...

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