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Hi there, 

Last night I imported a few photos I took during the day.  Out of the 8 or so photos, 2 of them imported with this kind of "damage" on them.  They look fine in camera, and when I first import into Photos, but after about a minute the attached photo does this funny colour thing and the other photo turns all black.  I can export them out and the thumbnail looks ok but they open in PS damaged like this.  I have re uploaded them a few times now, first time via camera cable and other times via SD slot on my MacBook but both ways I get the same problem (I will be going out to get a card reader today after reading a few posts on here this morning).  This morning I took some photos on this card and they uploaded perfectly fine, no damage.  Was it just those two photos and can I keep using this card?  Or would it be safer to get a new card?  

Thanks for any help :)


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Definitely safer to get a new card.  This card will corrupt files again, and you don't want it to corrupt irreplaceable files.

Also: DON'T IMPORT INTO PHOTOS!!!  Please close that evil program down as soon as it ever opens, and import your files directly onto your hard drive where you maintain total control over them!

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The image that you see on the camera's LCD IS NOT THE RAW FILE. It's the JPEG Preview that is contained within the Raw file.

I agree with the others, ditch the card.

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