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images not showing for clients

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This is a common problem that I've personally run into myself. The solution that I've found is to use either Sony or Verbatim Discs and to burn the discs at a slower speed, like 4x or 8x. I've found if I burn them at 52x (Full Speed) causes this issue. 

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That might be your problem. Check the settings. Make sure you tell it that you are burning (data) files and not photos. The software could be screwing things up and making it so that only a DVD player will read the disk.

Check to see if there is any documentation and if so, give it a read. Or...

...if that software is still fighting you, I'd take a hard look at Nero 2016 Classic. ($44.99) Nero has been around forever and the 2016 version is Windows 10 compatible. More often than not, the default software that comes with the computer is pure crap, which doesn't work well.

EDIT: I just re-read the last comment. It sounds like you are using the Windows Default process of writing to a disc. I'd seriously stop doing that and get Nero to help you. Time is money and happy clients are a good thing. For $45, it's an easy to fix situation. You have no control on what Windows does or how it burns the discs.

Now I'm sure you are asking, "Why does this only happen to a few customers, but not all of them? I really don't feel like forking out $45 if I don't have to..." This is the problem with only providing disc media. Discs that you burn don't always work in certain drives. I've run across Computer DVD drives that HATE a particular brand and simply won't work. Other times they only can be read in a true DVD player. It really varies and it's not something you can predict. So my recommendation is to use true burning software and see if that helps. Also, I personally only recommend Verbatim and Sony Discs. The Memorex Discs that you can find everywhere are pure pieces of shit. I used to have constant problems with Memorex's media, from bad discs to customers not being able to read the damn things. When I switched to Verbatim, my problems went away.

In addition, I have to be Captain Obvious on this one...

You know what works 100% of the time...

The media that enables a customer to view images without any extra technology and is guaranteed to work as long as you have a light source?


I know, everybody wants a damn disc. They only want images to post on Facebook for #Hashtags  & #Humblebrags. I get it. But if you want to have ZERO problems with your customers being able to see their images, prints are the way to go. ;)

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Haha thank you! Yes all for printed media. I'm moving to a IPS model just waiting for new website and branding to be finished. 

I use verbatim discs so thats good, something I dont have to change and all for using something that works 100% of the time so nero it is :). 


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