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Lenovo yoga pro2 < in the correct windows forum

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So, i have one device to edit from. It just started acting up and the screen is glitching. I am taking it in for repears with the fear that it will take 2 to 4 weeks until I get it back. 

I am constantly working, editing and marketing on my laptop. 

That being said, with this loss of time I am faced with the possible reality of needing to buy another device, while my laptop is in the shop. I can not have this happen again so I feel like I need two functioning units.

What do you suggest buying as a back up computer for editing?

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This one is a tough call. The reason is due to the screen. If you are editing and traveling consistently, it sounds like a Desktop Computer isn't going to be a good fit. So what does your budget look like? Also, how is your backup strategy? If you are without your main computer for lets say, 4 weeks...how do you pickup where you left off at? 

What make and model is your laptop?

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