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Nikon d810 repair warranty issue


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Hi lovely folks!
Does anyone have experience with Nikon repair? The mirror is stuck in 1/2 way position. It was working perfectly on April 4, sat for two days, then was found this way. 

I have a warranty with Square Trade, and was just informed via email that my camera is damaged and they will not cover it. The camera has not been dropped, but after a tense phone call, I can see that I will get nowhere with them. They say that "the arch isn't even on the sides and has shifted to the left causing a wider opening on the right side."

If you have any insight on what the heck that means, please do enlighten me!

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Sounds like you bought a Gray / Grey Market item. Which means that the camera didn't follow normal import channels and DOES NOT come with a Nikon Warranty. In fact, NikonUSA WILL NOT TOUCH IT IF SENT INTO REPAIR, EVEN IF IT'S OUT OF WARRANTY! 

So if it is a Grey Market item, it becomes a paperweight if it breaks and the place that you bought it from wont repair it. 

Did you get a NikonUSA warranty card in the box? Hopefully you did. The next step I would take is to call Nikon and give them the Serial Number to see if they will touch it. I'd hate for you to pay shipping only to have it sent immediately back to you. 

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How does one know if it's "Grey Market?"

- Price is a lot less than the "Normal" price that you see at various retailers. The reason is, like Apple, Nikon controls the minimum prices for the "legit" stuff. So the price on Amazon, B&H, Adorama should be about the same, $3299.99 $3299.95, $3295.00, etc. If you see a "New" D810 for $2499, or $1999...you aren't getting a deal. You are getting suckered. 

- The reseller will boast about its own warranty service and play down the standard 12 Month Nikon Warranty. "Have peace of mind with a 36 Month warranty from ___________!!" 

- The camera will be listed with the word "Import" or "Grey/Gray Market" next to it online. Of course, this is from a reputable dealer. 

- Too good to be true pricing. A D810 retails for $3299 and goes on sale for around $2799, $2796.95, etc. So if you see one being sold as new for $1499, that's a dead give-away. Some shady retailers will go as far as to charge you $1200 for a D810, then charge extra for the batteries, charger, manual, camera strap, and then force you to buy a overpriced memory card and accessory bundle. Combine that with a unknown warranty place that won't honor claims, and you will learn an expensive lesson. In the end, you end up paying the full amount, or even more than if you just bought it outright at an authorized dealer. 

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That's ok!! Nikon will touch it. Make a copy of your proof of purchase (receipt) and contact Nikon. Even though it's out of warranty, it's still good to include a copy. 

BTW, Nikon DOES NOT want it sent in the camera's box. So find a plain box and wrap it well in bubble-wrap. (Remember, Fra-Gil-Aye is Swahili for "Drop Me.") Visit Nikon's Website to schedule a repair and to print out the necessary paperwork and address card. Nikon will give you a quote before proceeding with any repairs. 

For the problem description, just tell the what you told me in the above comment. 

Hope it isn't too expensive. I'm thinking around $350 to fix. Let me know if I'm close. :) 

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Oh, I NEVER buy those extended warranty things, unless it's AppleCare. They almost never want to fix things and are pure profit for the resellers. 

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