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New Computer/Monitor

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I have read through many of the previous posts, but I feel like I'm still so confused if either of these would be appropriate for learning how to edit, etc....  



Sorry to ask another "NEW COMPUTER" questions, but i'm loosing my mind trying to make sure these would be a good purchase.   Many THANKS!!!!

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I like both. Good choices. The ONLY thing that you would need to buy is a mouse. That one that comes with the Dell is terrible for photo-editing. You would want a nice mouse. Which one? Head to a store that has them on display and give them a test drive. This is personal experience type of thing and one I can't decide for you. What feels comfy in my hands may not in yours. I will tell you that Microsoft and Logitech are good brands to start with. 

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Great!!! I've never owned a Dell Computer, only HP's, but hoping for something different.    Is there any other type of computer that would be just as good, but maybe less expensive?  

Thank you!

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From the "What Specs to Look For" thread:

What you are looking for is:

  • i5 or i7 CPU
  • 8GB RAM at a Minimum / 16GB RAM or more Preferred
  • 1TB HD at a Minimum / 2TB or larger Preferred
  • Dedicated Video Card with its own Video Memory. 2GB or 4GB of Video Memory is fine.
  • Windows 7 64-bit Pro Edition OR Windows 10


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