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My apologies if this has been covered in the past.  I have a new computer with Windows 10.  When I download my photos, they now are sent to a Windows photo viewer instead of "Pictures" folder like on my old computer.  Ugh!  I was able to change settings;  now downloads to "Documents", but I can't figure out how to get them to download into "Pictures".

Any help would be appreciated!





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Alright, I've re-read your question. I take my previous comment back. Windows Photo Viewer is the default viewing program. Are you wanting to see the images in the pictures folder? How are you downloading your images to you computer? With a card reader or your camera attached to your computer?


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I use an SD card reader. With Windows 7, the images would default to “ My Pictures “ folder. With Windows 10, they download by default to a photo viewer.  I was able to somehow with YouTube assistance get it to go to my documents, but I would rather it go to the pictures folder. 


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