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After being a PC user for 20+ years, we invested in a 27" i7 iMac five months ago.  Stupid decision, its been nothing but problems and I have very little faith in the stupid thing so its been advertised for sale and once it goes we'll replace it with a PC.

So...we are looking to custom build the best PC (and monitor) I can get in Australia for $4000ish.   Hubby builds computers so he will put it together.

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Well, that's a decent budget for a change. My recommendations are based on you using PS CC 2018 and not editing video, only stills.

  • Intel i7 CPU 8700K 6-Core CPU at a Minimum: Photoshop has been making improvements to take advantage of the architecture that makes a Intel i7 or i9 so fast. The new AMD Ryzen chips seem interesting and they are getting a lot of buzz...but Intel chips are proven for Photoshop. If budget allows, you could go up to a Intel i7 9700 8-Core CPU instead. 
  • Motherboard: I like Asus, MSI and Gigabyte Motherboards. Get one that supports your CPU and has at least one m.2 SSD slot.
  • 16GB RAM at a Minimum. 32GB or more preferred. I have 40GB of RAM in my iMac computer, and am thinking about maxing it out to 64GB next year.
  • Power Supply: I'd get at least a 650 Watt Power Supply these days. 800+ Watts if you plan on overclocking and doing other stuff.
  • Case: This is a personal preference. One that makes mounting things easy, provides cable organization and has room to grow. In the past, I would recommend a Lian-Li Aluminum case, but there are tons of different brands now. Actually, this is one area that you might want to invest a little more in as you can replace / upgrade things in the future, while still keeping the same case. Now you don't have to spend big-bucks on this, just don't skip out and get a el-cheapo $50 case either.
  • Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. You could get Windows 10 Home, but since you are building one, might as well get the full OS.
  • Display: At least a 24" or a nice 27" IPS-based Display. Matte Coating or Matte Screen. Dell makes decent ones and there are others out there. Just make sure it has a IPS Screen.
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