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ANOTHER mojave/PS post


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I spent time trying my best to search the forum bec=fore starting another thread but didn't see my question/ problem asked.

I was wondering if all this trouble with photoshop and the new mojave update would cause my computer to start having " Kernel" panics?
Everything  will seem to be going fine, and then after some indeterminate amount of time my computer, with no warning, will just shut off and start back up saying it shut off because of an error. sometimes it will start working again fine and others the computer will just keep re-starting over and over or the computer will glitch and the whole screen will just start flashing... so that's fun. the damn thing auto updated to mojave and also updated the PS all at the same time PLUS my computer survived hurricane Michael so- there are just too many variables for a computer ignorant person like me to figure out. 

I have a 27'' iMac late 2015

3.2 ghz i5 

32 gb ram and 1tb storage. 


That may have gotten ramble-y what I want to know is if the repeated kernel panics are software related? or hardware related? is there any hope for this infernal machine?

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7 hours ago, Bobbiejowoo said:

I want to know is if the repeated kernel panics are software related?

Yep. I'd say your Mojave update corrupted the Kernel. At it's core, the Kernel is the Operating System itself. All of the other stuff, like hard drive management, creating profiles, etc. are all utilities that work on top of the Kernel. I will say your problem is a common one; and the fix varies...if at all.

The way to really fix things is to nuke your hard drive, re-install the OS and everything else, which is a real PITA. I did find this web page suggesting a few fixes and he implies that it could be some sort of driver issue (like a webcam or audio driver that didn't update properly) that might cause this issue.

I also found this web page and I want you to reset your PRAM just to see if it helps. The steps are listed in "Solution 5." This is harmless, takes a few minutes to do and is worth a try.

Finally, open the App Store under the Apple Menu. When it loads open the App Store Preferences:


Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 11.29.13 PM.png


From there, uncheck the box next to "Install macOS updates" so that the Operating System Upgrades do not install on their own.  This way Apple will bug you to upgrade to the latest OS, but you can just tell it no / snooze it. Believe me, I'm still on High Sierra with good reason and I'm constantly being asked to upgrade to Mojave. With all of it's problems and quirks, I'm staying put for as long as I can.


Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 11.28.24 PM.png

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