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Recommendations for image management software?

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Hi Brian, I already have Lightroom and Bridge, so I'm obviously not opposed to spending money if I have to. I'm looking for software to quickly sort all my images by date and let me see them. I don't want to edit from there, just sort and see them. That's the essential thing. I know I saw an old recommendation for Phototheca as a good free software. Now it only works for 5,000 images without money, and I'm ok with paying, but Norton flagged it as dangerous and removed it. I kind of trust Norton. I used to use Picassa a while back, but it quit updating its raw capabilities and became useless to me. Got any suggestions? I HATE face recognition! It slows everything down and it's usually wrong. Thanks!!!


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I'd recommend Photo Mechanic. It's not free, it will run you about $150, but it seems to be the industry leader for what you are asking. There is also Browse 10 from ON1, Inc. Which will run you about $60. If you shoot Nikon, you could use Nikon's ViewNX2, which is free. Not sure about the Canon / Sony side of things.

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