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Re. Banding - blanket fade

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Hi, I have followed the wonderful tutorial regarding blanket fade to reduce banding and joined the layers/masks group......My  question is this........I follow the tutorial.......solid colour fill, duplicatiing layer and making a vignette, pattern fill adding a noise layer etc etc, it is all great. There is only one difference from when I do it to the look of the Damien one.......when I make the pattern fill layer with the noise option ( as made called noise in the damien tutorial) the colour does not stay the same. and I think the Damien tutorial one did stay the same. This layer is made with the noise, joined to the other colour fill layer, and given the overlay option as you stated. At 100 opacity the colour varies quite alot when I have added the pattern layer. The original I have here is a pink, at 100 opacity, it now becomes more white? I would like it to look more as I had edited it and not changing the colour so much ...Any ideas?

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