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I am in the market for a new desktop.  I am currently overloading mine with accounting/tax clients plus my photography/video editing. 

My plan is to separate the Photoshop/Bridge/Acr and Pro Show Gold Producer from my current desktop. 

I do NOT store any photo or video files permanently on the desktop.  I have a stand alone 8 TB which I back up to 2 other separate portables. (Can’t be to careful ?)

I also use a Wacom Pro Tablet 

 my budget will be 1500-2250 / US for the desktop

Monitor 1000-1500.00

I know they all have a life span but I am sick of slowdetha ???


Any suggestions on s would be greatly appreciated 

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"Here are the specs that I recommend for a Photo-editing Machine (6-2019):

  • Intel i7 (or i9 if you can afford it.
  • 16GB RAM at a Minimum - 32GB or more preferred, like 64GB
  • 1TB Hard Drive for the main drive. I don't care how fast that 128GB / 250GB SSD Drive is, it won't to you a damn bit of good if it's full. Of course the bigger the better when it comes to hard drives. Windows updates can be huge, so I would shoot for a 1TB at a minimum, though a person could get away with a 500GB HD. That said, as I write this, 500GB HD are becoming "Too Small" for today's modern Photoshop and 24MP+ cameras.
  • A video card that has separate & dedicated video memory. 2GB - 4GB is fine (like 4GB) and since Adobe's products are using the graphics cards for a performance boost, a video card with 8GB of Video Memory is a good thing. So call it 4GB recommended / 8GB preferred when it comes to Video RAM.
  • I like Windows 10 Pro but I'm more of a power user. Most people will be fine with Win 10 Home."

I like the Dell XPS 8930 line. Here is a model that meets my criteria. As far as Monitors go, you want a IPS-Based display, at least 24" and either has a Matte Coating or Matte Glass on it, basically you don't want a glossy screen. It screws with calibration and can do weird reflections. I like the Dell line of displays. They are very affordable and are quite decent. They also tend to be easier to calibrate. Here is the Dell Ultrasharp U2417H.

I also remember seeing in your post on FB Ask Damien, that you are planning on running Quickbooks? If so, you really want 32GB of RAM, heck 64GB isn't out of the question for you.

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