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Mac overheating with Bridge


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I originally posted this yesterday in the Bridge Class forum and Damien answered my question at the bottom about what happens when I purge the cache in Bridge.  Can you help/have any ideas with the other issue I'm having?

I have a Mac laptop running Sierra 10.12.6 and Elements 14. It is 7 years old, and has 8GB of RAM. Its hard drive has 621GB free out of 1000GB. The last time I shut down was last night. I run  CleanMyMac about once a month.  I have my images archived on a 5TB external hard drive (that has 3.45TB available) and am viewing those images using Bridge.  The images are organized into folders by year and often can contain several thousand images.

My problem is that the CPU load (that I'm viewing using CleanMyMac) goes up to 85% (and sometimes higher) while Bridge is generating thumbnails and previews, and as a result my Mac is heating up quite quickly (up to 75 deg C, according to CleanMyMac) until the generating process is done, which for a larger folder that I looked at this morning (3500 files) took about 9 minutes. 

Is it the size of the folders that's causing the problem?  Or the age/RAM of my Mac?  Both?  I've double-checked that I have my Bridge preferences settings as per Damien's recommendations in the class. Would the free up RAM memory feature of CleanMyMac help? I did try viewing another folder after hitting the Free Up button but it didn't seem to improve the situation or the time it took to do.

I'm thinking that in order to reduce the amount of time it's taking to generate thumbnails and previews, I should split the large folders into a series of smaller subfolders, each with a much lesser amount of images in them.

I have the cache purge currently set to 30 days; I'm afraid I don't understand exactly what will happen if I go back to a folder I haven't viewed in over 30 days...will those thumbnails and previews have to be generated again when I go back to that folder?

Thanks for your time and help!

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It's the age of your computer. Adobe's products really use the graphics processor these days, in addition to the CPU and RAM. Even on my fancy 2017 27" iMac, when I do things similar to what you are doing, I hear the fan kicking on and it just works harder. More so if you have a camera that has lots of MP, 24MP or more.  Also, 8GB RAM just isn't enough these days; I recommend a MINIMUM of 16GB with 32GB Recommended. In fact, I just upgraded to 64GB myself.

Bottom Line: Start saving for a new computer. Right around the 7-8 year mark is when I replace my computers.

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