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Old Nikon Gear

Alex Husick

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I'm new to this forum and am getting great answers to my scanning questions to help me get up and running.

Saw the heading for gear so thought I'd ask this question.

I've got Nikon F2, with motor drive, and several expensive lenses.

I can post a list if required.

Is there a market for this old gear amongest collectors, or what not?

Thanks, Alex

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Market? Sure...but it's extremely small, if at all. The F2 was quite popular back-in-the-day, so I'm thinking your lenses might have some better value than the F2 itself...and those lenses need to be extremely rare. Unfortunately, the only places I've seen gear of your era listed is e-bay, or places like KEH.com.

Here is a couple of Articles on NikonRumors.com of what I'm talking about:

Rare Nikon Multiphoto Macro Lens Set

Rare Nikon F Camera with original cloth-type shutter listed on eBay.

So, as you can see, there is a small market but in my humble opinion, it's gotta be rare and exotic to get any real money.

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Thanks for the insights, I'll check out the two sites you mentioned, wasn't aware of KEH.com.

Not looking to make any real money.

Just happy to get them into someone's hands that will appreciate them for what they are, just gathering dust here.

I know what you mean about lenses, I have one, perhaps two, that might be rare or at least highly desirable.

How would I determine that, simply look then them up and see what others view and value them at?

Thanks again, Alex

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I’d look them up and see comparable prices and listings. Keep in mind, just because something is rare, doesn’t always increase its value. The demand for the rare piece is what drives that. That will be the real trick in getting the gear in someone’s hands that will appreciate it. 

Good Luck!! 

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