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Brian I saw your answer to a question regarding what you would recommend on a new MBP.  I am looking at upgrading soon and was wondering if 1TB of SSD is necessary?  I store on EHD and Back Blaze and try to keep my computer fairly clean.  

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Yes. Well, 500GB at a minimum. I will explain below.

I still recommend a 1TB main HD, whether if it’s a laptop or desktop. Mac or Windows. Since we are talking a MBP, with the current models, it’s really hard to upgrade after the fact. So you are almost forced to upgrade and pay Apple’s extreme prices at the time of purchase. 

The problem is, people use their HDs as dumping grounds. They constantly take images and never cull, then Damien and I get the posts with people saying they are having all sorts of problems, and the first thing we ask is, “How much free space do you have on your HD?” Usually we get the response of, about 15GB free on my 250GB drive. 

As camera sensors are upgraded to more MP, the Raw file sizes increase along with them. So if you are the type that is anal on what is stored on your HD, feel free to save some money and stick with a 500GB HD. Otherwise a 1TB isn’t too much overkill, even today. Scratch Disks and other Cache Files like having the extra room anyway. 

Oh, one more thing, when it comes to Macs, the fuller the HD is, the slower it runs. I usually tell people to not go over 75%-80% with any Mac HD, whether it’s an internal one or external. The Mac OS doesn’t really differentiate between an internal or external HD. It’s a Unix thing, both devices are Mounted and treated the same; only difference is the interface. 

So again, the bottom line is this: It depends. I realize these things cost money, but I’m of the thinking of, “Buy it Right...But it Once.”

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