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Hi Brian,
I'm tech illiterate but need to order a new computer ASAP.  I was wondering if you would take a look at what I've built here and tell me how what I've gone overkill on.  I'd like to lower the cost closer to $1500.  I do not do any video editing, just photoshop and internet browsing.
Thanks for your advice!

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You have run into the problem that I have. Since Dell computers are made in China, or their parts come from China, we are seeing the Import Tarriffs hit the products. So it’s like a $500 increase. In order to lower the cost, you will need to lower the video card to 4GB, decrease the RAM to 16GB and change the HD to a 1TB 7200 RPM drive only. 

Unfortunately, this will kill the performance of your new computer. I’d recommend saving up a bit more. This configuration is actually perfect. It’s the one I’d buy. 

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