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Video Card and SSD Cache

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Hi Brian,

I am researching new computers. I am looking at a dell here are some specs:

6th Generation Intel core i7-67000k up to 4.2 ghx

2 tb 7200 hard drive + 32GB SSD cache

nvidia geForce GTX 4gb


Does this sound good. Does having a video card listed, does this mean it is a dedicated video card or how do I know?

Also, what is the 32gb SSD cache good for? I know what the SSD is but does 32 gb is small and why does it say Cache?

also, what is Oculus-ready?


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That HD is what Apple calls a "Fusion" Drive. It's fine. It helps speeds things up.

Yes, that video card with 4GB of memory is separate & dedicated VRAM. 

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