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I'm just now ordering some new flash photography. Flash photography is completely out of my comfort zone. I'm thinking of ordering either the Einstein E640 or the Alien Bees B400. They will mainly be used for newborn photography but would like to use for outdoor too. Are these strong enough for outdoor and do you have a preface between the two? I'm taking the newborn lighting class from the Milky Way and this is what she recommends.
Thanks in advance!

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If you can afford it, go with the Einstein 640.

The reason is tge E640 is more consistent and the lowest power setting on the E640 matches the lowest power setting on the AB400. When outdoors and you need to crank things up, the highest power setting on the E640 (Full Power) matches a AB1600 at full power. So the E640 is like having a AB1600, AB800 and AB400 all in one light. 

Bees are good to start with or if money is tight. They can be quirky though. If you change power settings the color temp (white balance) changes on you and the output isn't very consistent. When you change things it kinda freaks the Bee out and you should fire it 3-4 times in order for things to settle down. Oh, hotspots are the norm with Bees. 

That being said, it's a few hundred for a Alien Bee, not $2200 for a Profoto B1 Air. So what would you expect? ;)

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