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Laptop spec questions

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Hi Brian,

Thank you for all the info on this site. Using the info I have gathered I built this laptop and I was wondering what you think? I see you recently recommended the dell XPS (https://www.dell.com/en-us/member/shop/dell-laptops/new-xps-15-laptop/spd/xps-15-7590-laptop/xnber5cr649ps) and I was wondering which you would recommend? I have a small  4 yo Lenovo for web browsing and it has performed well for me so that is what I gravitate towards. I am currently using PS on a refurbished Dell and I am ready to update.


Also, a few specific questions:

I don't know anything about how to choose a graphics card... Is it worth the upgrade? I would prefer not to increase the price unless you recommend.


and the processor?


and why are there so many options for the same size memory?!?! There are 3 options for 32GB!



Thanks so much!


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Ok, fantasic!! Another laptop that has a IPS based screen. That makes two.

What I would do is:

Keep the Processor at the default - i7 9750H. There is only a marginal boost in performance with the other one, and chances are Photoshop won't take advantage of it. If you were looking to play video games or even edit video, the upgraded CPU might be worth it, but in reality, it's not a $155 worth of a performance increase.

Definitely upgrade the video card to at least the T2000. If you want to  go higher, that's fine too, but I'd rather have you get more RAM. Speaking of which...

As far as RAM, there seems to be four slots on the motherboard. Each slot can take up to a 32GB Stick of RAM. If you want to go all the way up to 128GB, that's four 32GB sticks. The screen shot above, you have chosen a single 16GB Stick of RAM. If you were to upgrade, all you would do is add more RAM in the remaining three slots. Personally, I'd upgrade the RAM to the single 32GB option for a $150 more. 16GB is the MINIMUM that I recommend for Windows 10 Computers these days. If you have a camera that has 24MP or more, you definitely want 32GB. With my iMac, I'm at 64GB due to me having a Nikon D850.



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Thank you!


Also, Where can I find your list? I tried looking but could not find it. I am also going to purchase a monitor and would like to see what your recommend.

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List hasn’t been published yet. It’s still in my head. :)

Actually, truth be told...I do not recommend laptops for photo-editing.

I just got tired of arguing since everyone seems hell-bent on buying a laptop for portability and convenience. From my point of view, if you are serious about photo-editing, a Calibrated Desktop screen is a must. Even if you have to hook it up to a laptop. 

In fact a member was kind enough to report that this laptop is only 72% color gamut, in which I need to confirm. 

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