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MacBook pro w mojave and cc ps and bridge 2020


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Hi.  I just set up my new laptop with ps and bridge from cc, it updated them to 2020.  I cannot delete any files from bridge, if i do, they disappear and when I reopen the folder, they are back again.  I also cannot double click an image in bridge and take it to ps like i used to before.  I noticed people were having issues w/ Catalina, so i didn't do that update.  I am beyond frustrated and my husband feels like a jerk for getting me the new laptop because my entire workflow is disrupted.  I used to cull everything in bridge, I had to resort to LR for this session in order to have a faster workflow w/ culling.  Anyone else having an issue and have a solution?

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I have tried this, it changed the error message to a different one.  Before I did this, I'd hit delete and get an instant warning and the image wouldn't get removed.  After I did this, the image would appear to be removed when I hit delete, but I'd get an error message directly after, then the image would reappear next time I'm in the folder.  I have even chatted with adobe support and they couldn't help me :(

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I love it when Adobe has no idea on how to fix their software. :| On the bright side, they didn't break anything.

OK, let's try a few things. One, I want to see if you can download and run the OLDER version of Bridge, 20.0.7. Head to the Adobe App Manager, click on the Gear Icon at the top right. Click on the Apps section in the left column, and then look towards the right. Make sure Auto-Update is Turned Off. Then scroll towards the bottom and under the Settings Section, Turn On Show Older Apps and click Done. I'm not seeing Bridge 20.0.7 in my list on my iMac, so I'm thinking Adobe hasn't really updated it that much. You might want to try un-installing and re-installing Bridge next.

The other thing I can think of, is head to your Mac OS Settings, which is the Gear Icon on the DockBar. Choose Security & Privacy, it looks like a little house in the top section. Click the little Padlock in the lower left section and type in the Administrator Password, (probably your password.) Then select the Accessibility Section. Click the little PLUS to add a program:


Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 8.03.17 AM.png


Then under the Applications Folder, select the Adobe Bridge 2020 folder, then the Adobe Bridge App/Program in the Right Column & Click Open:


Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 8.05.31 AM.png


If done correctly, Bridge should appear in the list:


Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 8.07.26 AM.png


The last step is to click the Padlock to "Lock" your Mac and then click the Red Circle. I would reboot at this point, just to be on the safe side and try deleting files again in Bridge. Keep me posted.

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Hi.  Thank you for the advice- I just did this and it didn't work.  If the image is full screen and I hit delete, it disappears and moves to the next image, but when I exit and reopen the folder, there it is again.  If I select a thumbnail and click the trash button in upper right corner, it gives me the error message, I hit ok, then the image goes away from thumbnail list, but again, when I reopen the folder, it's back (insert scream)


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It sounds like you are deleting thumbnails/previews and not the actual file. I’ve got nothing. Adobe is going to have to get involved again. Hopefully you will get someone better. 

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