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Need a new computer recommendation

Barb G

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My old computer won’t hardly run PS ( freezes up and is non responsive) and I’m ready to just replace it. It is a 11 yr old Gateway and has been a problem from day one, in and out of the shop numerous times and no one seems to be able to diagnose the issue. I truly believe we got a lemon right out of the factory.  It’s also had numerous viruses/ malware and after being ‘fixed’ it still is frustrating to try to use it much. It has literally been just sitting in our office unused mostly. Started with Visa and shop replaced it w/ Windows 10 right now. 
In reading another thread ( Lucia November 18) you recommended iMac with some upgrades to the storage and memory. No fusion drive. Upgrade to SSD.  Ending up at around $3000 budget. While discussing this with salesperson they recommended this attached hp instead as it’s made for fast gaming and would work for PS fine.  ( Spectre x360 laptop) Not sure if he knows what he’s talking about, but do know I haven’t a clue! ?

I will use new computer for photography and PS only as I have iPad for surfing, email. Etc. to avoid viruses and such. Thoughts? 




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It's a Gateway. That's why you were having issues. They were known to sell defective product right out of the box. That's why they aren't around anymore.

The $1099 laptop...I swear, what is it about laptops? Anyway, touch screens are a bitch to calibrate.

Sorry. I'd pass on this one.

Do you want a Windows laptop? If so, create a thread in the Windows forum.

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