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You have no idea on how difficult is is for people to leave Facebook. The addiction is real. 

Second, here in "Ask Brian" I have things pretty locked down. Only you or myself will be able to comment in this thread. This way I can keep things simple and not have to worry about a bunch of people trying to give you advice or post silly pictures. Now for your question...

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The very first question I am going to ask is, "What is your budget?"

Photography, especially digital photography, has significantly lowered the costs, as each photo doesn't cost money, but it still isn't a poor-man's hobby. So I'm going to need a realistic budget that you are willing to spend and one that you might spend. For example, "I'm looking at $500 or so but can afford up to $1000." Something like that.

Portraits and animals is a good subject to start with, and more than likely you will need a zoom lens in the 70-300mm range. Before we get to that, let's talk numbers.


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