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Sony Lens question

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I recently changed from my Canon (6D) to a Sony Mirrorless APS-C (a6000). Trying to figure out best lenses to get. I am a fairly amateur hobbyist and mainly take photos of my family/new baby, and I love taking landscape and night city shots when I have the opportunity. I also went to the mirrorless system because I wanted something smaller and easier to carry around, so I think I’ll need more of a walk around type lens. I have the kit lens but it’s not the greatest, and I’ve already picked up a 35mm f/1.8.

i just ordered the 24mm f/1.8 and received it today but the focusing is super slow so far. I’m going to play around with it more but I’m also considering whether I should have gotten a zoom lens instead, since I already have the 35mm.

There seems to be 2 good options for zoom lenses available:

16-70mm f/4 - There is a used one available for the same price, $700, as I got the 24mm f1.8 for (used as well, same store)

16-55mm f2.8 - obviously an upgrade but this one is brand new so no used ones available, looking at around $1400 new

There is also a Sony 20mm f/2.8 that’s only about $350-400 new (haven’t looked for a used).

Any opinions?!





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I was going to suggest a zoom with a fixed aperture. You listed both. Since your camera body has a APS-C (Crop) Sensor, you take the focal length and multiply it by 1.5 to get the "Angle of View."

16mm on a Crop = 24mm on a Full Frame Sensor, and so forth. Since both lenses are 16mm, that takes care of the wide. The difference is the Aperture, having the ability to shoot at f/2.8 at all focal lengths is a nice thing to have. The 16-55 f/2.8 also more of a higher-end lens and will definitely replace your kit lens.

So ask yourself this, do you want more "reach" or want more shallow Depth of Field. If you are looking at a walk-around lens, either will do. One just has more reach and the other gives you that fuzzy-wuzzy backgrounds a little better. That said, since you have a 24mm f/1.8, that takes care of this issue. I'd say go for the 16-70 f/4. It's $700 and is more of a multipurpose lens. You need more zoom / reach and not DoF at this point. You have that covered with your primes.

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