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Dell laptop

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I’m leaning towards getting this laptop but wanted some feedback first. It is $100 over budget but I think I could make it work. I’m needed it for travel and light editing. Nothing super consistent. If this is a good fit for me, can you also recommend a calibrator for it? Thanks, Brian! 



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This is the problem with laptops. That model does not have a IPS-Based Display Panel, which is what you want if you are editing photos. That laptop would probably be good for culling, not editing. Sorry.

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Ok. I’ll probably skip a laptop for now until I can afford a good one. With that being said, I have an old dusty desktop that was custom built about 8 years ago. I called the guy who built it and he said he definitely could rebuild it to suit what I needed for less than a new one. I need to send him a list of what I want/need, but I don’t know what that is. Can you give me a list of what it should have to run photoshop seamlessly? This will seriously cut down on the amount of time I can edit but it’s better than nothing. 

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Answer number 101, copied from another thread. ;) 

Here are the current specs (1-2020) that I'm recommending for a "What's a good computer to buy?" threads:

  • Intel i7 / Intel i9 (or AMD Equivalent)
  • 16GB RAM / 32GB or more (Preferred)
  • 500GB Main SSD HD with a larger 2nd 7200 RPM 4TB HD  / 1TB Main SSD HD with a larger 2nd 7200 RPM 8TB+ HD (Preferred)
  • A video card that has is own separate and dedicated Video RAM. 4GB (Minimum) / 8GB (Preferred)
  • A power supply that has enough wattage to support the video card
  • Windows 10 Home / Windows 10 Pro (Preferred)

I'd get a i7 now as the current versions of PS CC are taking advantage of the Architecture that makes a i7 faster. Personally, I'd skip getting a i9 or AMD equivalent. Photoshop doesn’t utilize a i9. Now if we were editing video, that’s a different story. PS/Bridge...i7 is perfectly fine. Take the savings on the processor when choosing a i7 and put it towards a graphics card upgrade that has it's own dedicated video memory.

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Thank you! I totally forgot I asked this question. I talked to a computer guy and told him what I needed and this is what he came up with. What do you think? He’s asking $1,200 to build it for me. Parts/labor. 


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