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Adjustment brush only lightens regardless of any setting

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Damien, let me start with how much I miss seeing you in my Facebook feed everyday! You are a wonderful teacher!  My question is that I am running Lightroom 5.7.1 and my adjustmet brush is only brightening where I apply on the image and nothing else. I have reset and tried to increase shadow or exposure and it just lightens.  Let me know if you have any ideas. Thank you. 

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...Oh dear.  This is kind of like a "how many things can we throw in that will make Damien want to punch his computer" post. :D

So okay.  Damo isn't going to advise on LR, because he hates LR.  But leaving that aside --

You really, really don't want to be using your adjustment brushes anyways.  That kind of targeted editing should always be done in PSE, where you actually have fine-grained control of your editing.  I'd strongly urge you to stop using your adjustment brushes and instead adopt a more robust LR-to-PSE workflow.  (I've written several posts in this subforum with more details on how to put such a workflow together, and I'm happy to help you walk through it if you have any questions.)

That all said -- it sounds like your computer is glitching.  So can you fill this out for us and we can try to diagnose what the problem may be?

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