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Headset on windows 10 home

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im currently working from home and have a kind of funky setup. I’m using a cordless Plantronics headset with an unique switch, photos added. I have no idea why type of settings I should have selected on the Wonderful Asus  laptop they provided. I can’t hear on the headset and nobody can hear me. My it felt have been saying oh just plug in that usb cord. Yeah, isn’t working that way so I’m going to need some more guidance. So I figured head on over here to a professional. When I am working I’m taking phone calls in the Citrix environment. When we are in the office my switch has a plug from the Ethernet port on the back of the switch to the rj11 on the desk phone. We don’t have a desk phone here at home. 

any help you could provide would be helpful for sure. These are slightly different because they are ada and set to go over my hearing aids. I’m the only one out of 1100 people with this type of set up. 








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