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Seagate Ehd

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Hey Brian!

I just bought a new ehd.  I had your instructions saved from the last time you helped me with the partition but I don't think it worked this time and I think I have messed it up!  I'm hoping you can save me.  I went to disk management and clicked on the drive and selected delete and this is what it shows now.  I can't even see the drive on my list of drives now.  Here's a screen shot.  What do I do now?

for brian.JPG

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Right Click on the Box where it says "Disk 1" look for the words "Convert to GPT."  If so, select it and follow the prompts.

If they aren't there, and you see "Convert to MBR," then leave it alone.

Report back and we will go to the next step. You want to have a GPT Disk.

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Stop!! You are panicking, we are not done. When you deleted the drive, of course it's not going to show up. Get out of there and go back to Disk Management.

Follow my directions.

Right-Click on this box just below the word "Online" 

If your drive is configured correctly, we will see "Covert to MBR." in the list, about half-way down. Does it say that?

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 5.04.07 PM.png

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Sweet! Now comes the easy part:

Right click on here:


Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 5.13.40 PM.png

Choose the one at the very top called "New Simple Volume."

Click Next a few times, then when asked, give it a name like Seagate 5TB EHD. (Or whatever you choose.)

Make sure the format is NTFS and that the QUICK FORMAT BOX IS CHECKED.

Then it OK / Apply, whatever. Let it do it's thing. When finished, it should show up under This PC.

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