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Mac Mail Rules no longer working

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I am working on a MacBook Pro / Catalina. I was wondering why my inbox was getting so full and realized all my rules had been turned off/and some missing. I am not sure if it happens after I upgraded to Catalina. But even if I create one now, they will not apply. Is this a known problem? Or is it just me!? TIA! 

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Yeah, it seems to be an issue when the OS is upgraded. I have seen reports with people going from Sierra to High Sierra, so it's just not a Catalina thing. Unfortunately, I haven't used Apple Mail in a long time, as I use Office 365 (specifically Outlook) to manage my mail. I'm wondering if your problem has to do with iCloud getting a copy of your e-mail and that's why the Rules aren't applying? I'm thinking you might have to call Apple on this one. I've got nothing other than a Google Search that I did. 


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