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New to CC - ACR is not displaying my images normally - it's bad.

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I just installed CC and upon opening my first images in ACR 9.6 I got a rude suprise! It does not render my image properly - see screen shot. It's all black with weird swirlies of color.

My old CS6 ACR 9.1.1 works as it should. I have been looking in the Adobe forums to see if anyone else has had this problem and I'm not finding anything. Has anyone here seen this behavior - and know what I should do to fix it?




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I guess I should say that I am on Win7 Pro 64-bit , Core i5-3570, 16GB RAM and that I *also* left my CS6 Suite installed when I installed CC last night - a good thing maybe as I have work due on deadline today. Of course with a deadline what was I thinking installing new software? 

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