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Seeking Brians Backup Approval

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My current external hard drive (aging Seagate something) is getting old...its probably around 5 years old now. Im thinking I really should replace it.

I was reading your recommendations for the WD Black range, and found this locally...do you approve?


My backup routine would then be... 1Tb WD Black exclusively for Time Machine, the 5Tb WD Black for everything else (including my ancient client files I like to keep), and a cloud backup of the 5tb drive using Backblaze. 

Thanks Brian, I would really appreciate your thoughts. 

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Yes, I do! For those who can't afford a fancy G-Drive, these WD Black Gaming Drives are very good as well. All you have to do is just reformat it to work on your Mac and that is built into the MacOS. I can help you out with that, it takes like 5 min to do.

Just remember, when it comes to Backblaze, unless you have the really expensive plan, if you delete a file off the HD that is synced with BackBlaze, within 30 days that file will also be deleted from the Cloud Storage. So don't think for a moment that you can delete things off your HD and have them stored on BackBlaze's Cloud Storage. It will, but for only 30 days after the file was deleted locally.

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Thats great! Thanks so much for your help.

I'll follow the detailed formatting instructions you posted recently about this hard drive on another thread...and I'll let you know if I have any trouble!

Cheers Brian!

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