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WD Hard drive

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in reality, ANY HD will work with a Mac, so there is no need to purchase a "Macintosh Formatted" HD. It's just a way for manufacturers to force people an "Apple Tax." Meaning, you get charged an extra $30-$50 for something that you can do for free, and in under 5 minutes.

So which HD did you actually purchase, and what version of the MacOS are you running?

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OK, perfect.

  • Plug in your New External WD HD
  • Open your Applications Folder >> Select Utilities >> then choose Disk Utility.

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 2.33.44 PM.png

  • Your new HD should appear in the left column, under "External."
  • Select the EHD and click on the Erase Button at the top of Disk Utility

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 2.38.57 PM.png

  • A pop-up box will appear, asking you what you want to do.
  • Give it a familiar name, like WD EHD 2TB or something similar.
  • The format must be MacOS Extended (Journaled). Don't worry about encryption or anything fancy. Your pop-up box should look like this:

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 2.41.47 PM.png

  • Then Click on Erase. It should clear out the drive in a few minutes and prep it to use for a Mac. If it doesn't let me know. We will need to delete the existing Partitions and start over, but that's just an extra step. I want to see if this works or not.
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