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Naomi B

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Hi Brian, I'm ready to purchase a new mac as the new one is out it has different options available now, I was following your blog on what you recommend and as its changed im not sure which one is best so I was wondering what glass and what graphics card to choose, thanks

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Actually, things are a little bit cheaper than if you were to configure a 27" now with the different options. For Photoshop Work, start with the $2299 27" iMac and configure it as follows:

  1. Leave the CPU at the Intel i7 3.8GHz 8-Core. (Default Configuration)
  2. Leave it at the Standard Glass. (Default Configuration)
  3. Leave it at the default 8GB RAM. (Default Configuration)
  4. Upgrade the Video Card to the Radeon Pro 5700 with 8GB of GDDR6 memory (The Middle One / Add $300.)
  5. Upgrade the Internal HD to the 1TB SSD Storage (Add $200)
  6. Leave the Ethernet at Gigabit (Default Configuration)
  7. and the Magic 2 Mouse (Default Configuration)
  8. Personally, I'd upgrade the Keyboard to the one with the built-in numeric keypad. It's totally worth the extra $30.

You should be at $2829.00, plus applicable tax and any shipping. Oh, do not forget to purchase AppleCare for an extra $169. It's on the next screen when you click Add to Bag.

I would then purchase this Crucial.com 32GB kit to take your RAM from 8GB to 40GB for $160. If you want to splurge a little, purchase this 32GB Kit ($310) which will take your RAM from 8GB to 72GB. I'm at 64GB with my 2017 27" iMac, and it works fine with editing images from my Nikon D850. So for Photoshop work, even with PS CC 2020 and a modern camera, 72GB is more than enough. Here is a screenshot with my configuration above:


Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 1.26.07 PM.png

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