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Shopping for a Dell


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I read your articles on what to look for when purchasing a computer. 

1- I am stuck on which graphics card to choose? Do the other choices I chose look correct? One thing I didnt know was should i choose  i7 or i7 K series? 

I shoot large files-  Nikon D800 and run Photoshop CS 6 and Bridge.

2- I have my serial number still of when I purchased  Photoshop CS 6 in 2012, I should be able to install it onto a new computer, correct? 

My current system is a Dell Windows 10, which worked fine since its just a photography computer until Microsoft sent their final "update" and now its glitchy....I swear they sent something to make it glitchy on purpose. 

Here is link to what I put in so far......Again, not positive its correct,,, 

and link



Thank you 


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