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Setting up new iMac


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Hi Brian:

Thank you for the advice on what iMac to purchase.  You really helped me out.

What do you think is the best way to move from one computer to the next?  I have time machine and time capsule, but I'm thinking that I don't want to bring over any extraneous files.  When I bought my last iMac in 2015, I did restore from time machine.  It went really smoothly. Also, do I need to have the same os if I use time machine?  I am currently running Mojave and I imagine that the new iMac will be running Catalina.

Thank you in advance.

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Personally, I like having the same OS for the Time Machine, but if it’s a Mojave TM drive, it should also work fine. You can use the method that you have in the past, OR you can take this time to set things up manually and have a fresh start. 

For transferring data, a Thumb-drive or EHD is probably the easiest. You can also network the two Macs and transfer stuff over the network. 

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