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super slow laptop

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i have a dell xps 15, with an ssd drive ... was running beautifully then i let it get full.. super full, like less than 1% available.. Naughty i know.. then ive deleted a whole load of stuff and moved it to hard drive . Had to upgrade to cc 2021 and now the thing runs, well limps soooooo slowly.. Any ideas.. Ive run glary , not helping and i shut down often. Also do you defrag an SSD? Thanks or any help

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Seriously, like never-ever.

The current versions of Windows 10 won't allow you do defrag a SSD. Besides, defraging doesn't do much in terms of the performance that you are looking for.

10 hours ago, Lisa Friday said:

was running beautifully then i let it get full.. super full, like less than 1% available.. Naughty i know.

You have no idea. Hard Drives aren't dumping grounds, and you really never want to go more than 75%-80% full. Once you reach the point where you were at, your HD has a very good possibility of corrupting itself; in which case can put you into the position that you are in. How do you fix it? Format the HD and re-install everything.

But before we get into that, how much RAM do you have and how much HD space?

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16GB of RAM is the minimum these days, and the free capacity of the HD is fine, but the "Super Hot" is what concerns me. Heat is the enemy, and the hotter your laptop runs, the slower it performs. If you are unable to have in on your lap, that is a big problem. The HD could have data corruption, and the CPU is working harder, or you could have a clogged fan and it's not getting rid of the heat fast enough, which is causing a slow down. I have also seen faulty internal batteries, especially Lithium-Ion start to bulge and overheat, basically they can start a fire if you aren't careful. (This is what brings down airplanes.) 

Honestly? If it's more than 3 years old, I'd suspect something is wrong with the Batteries, or there is another failure of some kind. This is beyond a "I just ran Glary!" type of fix; I'd seriously have it looked at by a local repair shop.

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I agree.

Back up any important data, browsing favorites, e-mails, whatever. Give the HD a format and re-install. If it works, great. If it doesn't and you still can't have it on your lap, "Do Not Pass Go...Do Not Collect $200." I'm serious about Lithium-Ion batteries and them catching on fire. Any doubts, don't push your luck. Have them replaced or buy a new laptop. 


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