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Graphics processor unrecoverable error


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Your video card's driver is not playing well with PS, so Photoshop shut off the "Use Graphics Processor" option in the performance settings. Without Video Card Memory, and GPU (The "brain" of the video card) to utilize, tools like Content Aware and Liquidfy won't work, since they use the graphics card in order to work.

That's why you are getting the error messages.

I would run the Dell Utility to check for Driver Updates. Hopefully we will get lucky and there is some sort of video driver update for your model of computer. Otherwise, we are probably looking at replacing the video card and power supply, and video cards are really tough to come by these days and are quite expensive.

The other thing to try is use an older version of PS CC, like PS CC 2019 and see if that works.

Oh, the problem with Dell Computers, is the video cards that come with them, are really the "Dell Version" of the video cards, so getting the OEM driver for your particular brand will give you mixed results. It may work, or it may not. Often, Manufacturers "Orphan" their computer models and stop updating drivers after about 3 years or so. In which case, you are put in the position that you are in...

...and now their is COVID-19 to deal with, a shortage of the individual components that make up computer products, combined with the fact that Scalpers are using Bots to buy up limited supply, because Bit Coin Miners need the high-performance video cards to do the mining, which drives up prices...

::: Brian takes a breath :::

Seriously, a normal high-end video card that works well with Photoshop, should be a few hundred or so. Now those cards are being sold at $1500 or more. 

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Also I was trying to liquify a level layer there.. face palm. But the other notification yeah. I haven’t gotten it again but I also haven’t looked for updates. I will look today

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