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Best computer for editing recommendations

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Hi, my HP laptop just crashed. What should I look for when buying a new one?

I think Memory at least 6GB, preferably a laptop but I really want something that can last... So desktop might be the solution,   Under $1000. Is there any resource you can refer me to? 


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If you are looking for a laptop, I'd use this one for photo editing:

Asus 15.6" Laptop

If you look on the main page, you'll see the 4 things to look for.

  • 8GB RAM Minimum / 16GB Preferred
  • 1TB HD at a Minimum
  • A separate Graphics Processor with its own dedicated Video RAM
  • IPS Based Screen

The CPU chip isn't a huge consideration these days, unless you are doing lots and lots of batching with a bunch of open photos, or are editing video. Today's i5 CPUs or equivalent work just fine.

You also have been working on a slow laptop for so long, you have no idea just how small 4GB is these days, let alone 6GB.

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