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How do I optimize my images for website

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There's a lot going on in this one little post... ;)

First of all, for what specific purpose are you creating these JPGs?  Each web display will have its own size requirements, and you'll need to size the files specifically for each web display. 

Secondly, the 72ppi means absolutely jack squat here.  Remember that PPI stands for "pixels per inch," and (1) there's no such thing as "inches" in web display, and (2) you've defined the pixel dimensions, so that's all that matters. 

Third, don't confuse megabytes and megapixels.  Most websites have optimum display specs based on pixel dimensions, and secondarily have a maximum size in bytes.  Resize your file to fit the pixel dimensions, and in the rare occasions when those resized files are too large for a max byte size, then you can slowly reduce the JPG quality level to get them under that target size. 

Fourth, that output sharpening setting in the LR export dialog box does very very little.  If you actually want to sharpen properly for web (and *certainly* for proper sharpening for print), you'll want to use Photoshop's USM instead.  We can talk about output sharpening once we've sorted out your size requirements, though. 

So: what are the optimum pixel dimensions for the web display you're creating these specific JPGs for?

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