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Links to recommendations?


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22 minutes ago, DJ said:

Brian - over on the FB page there was a thread where you had links to your recommendations for PCs and screens. Could you post those here?


4 minutes ago, DJ said:

Oh, and also the expanded memory link

You mean the "All About Memory" article? Or where to purchase RAM from?

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Perhaps I'm just missing it, but that link helps with the monitor question, but not the PC and memory part. I apologize in advance if I'm just not seeing it!

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Sorry for being vague. I have a terrible old laptop that's been puttering along, and I've finally had it.I need a new computer, new screen, and I think you said expanded memory (?). 

I remember that you recommended the Dell XPS something, and I remember your link was to something other than the consumer side. I just can't remember which XPS, or what was special about the link. Also you talked about expanding memory (or something like that) and gave a link to look up something based on which computer you buy and then install it once the computer arrives. Ugh. I hate how clueless this all sounds. Do you have any idea what I'm talking about?

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Well, the Dell XPS 8700 has been replaced by the XPS 8900. Here is one that is a good buy:

Dell XPS 8900 with Intel i7 6700

As for the RAM, after you get the computer, head over to Crucial.com and run their scanning tool. You'll want to purchase a 16GB kit to take it from 8GB RAM to 24GB.

Here is the main page for the Business Side of Dell:


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