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Card read corrupting cards?


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Hi Brain,

Just wondering if it's possible for a card reader to corrupt SD cards?

 I have had two SD cards corrupt this year (SanDisk Extreme Pro) using a Verbatim card reader. Coincidence?

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Yes, it's possible. SD Cards are notorious for failing and out of all the cards that I own that have failed, they were all SD Cards. (Full disclosure: Only one CF died on me.)

The second plausible cause for them failing is if you do not Eject the cards each and every time. This is an absolute must! Sometimes Windows gets a hold of them and doesn't let go; then you remove the SD Card and "Boom!" dead card. What trips people up is they pull the SD Cards in-and-out with no issues, sometimes they can go for months / years, then all of a sudden you get bit. 

The third possibility, is if you purchased the cards off of Amazon, they could be Chinese Fakes. But most folks tend to buy from reputable sources, but it still is a possibility.

Try a new Card Reader if you have any suspicion. They should be $30-$40 on average.

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