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Hi Brian,  I read that you recommend using a card reader.  I have a MacBook pro and an iMac.  I have bought card readers in the past and was disappointed in their performance.  Which Card reader do you suggest?  Thanks, Debbie

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Well, Apple doesn't always put them in the most convenient spot. On the new models, the ones without the DVD SuperDrive, they are on the back of the unit towards the right. The older iMacs that had the DVD SuperDrives, the reader is on the right, just below the DVD Slot.

Things that happened to lots of people with the older iMacs: If you weren't careful, you could drop your SD card down inside your Mac. All you had to do is insert it at the wrong angle. If this happened, a trip to the Genius Bar was in your future. With the newer iMac computers, I'm weary of moving the Mac slightly, reaching behind the thing and inserting it. Way too easy for something to crack and break off. Whether it's the SD card or the slot that's on the Motherboard.

So while you don't necessarily NEED to purchase one if you have SD cards, I still recommend getting one for ease of use AND safety. I'd rather replace a $30 Reader than a $800 Motherboard.

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