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Yes another laptop post - please help me spend my money

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Laptops are only "En Vogue" for about 45 days. Meaning, you can not wait any longer, as they will either be discontinued or replaced by another model within a short period of time. It used to be that the Manufactures would have a "Spring Line" and a "Fall Line," but that is no longer the case. Well, Apple still follows this model somewhat. So save up as much money as you can, and when you do find something, you need to jump on it. No sitting on making a decision for a few months. Comparing Laptop A to Laptop B and hoping their will be a sales in August for Back-to-School events.

Nope. That's 20th Century Thinking.

Personally, I'd save up $2500 for a Laptop that's "Good for Photo Editing" in 2023. Sure, you'll probably find one that's cheaper, but having $2500 saved up gives you a little wiggle-room and the ability to pounce. When I give my advice telling you to buy something, I expect you to pull the trigger in a day or so and no longer than a week. Why? Because next week that laptop will either be out of stock or discontinued.

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