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Switching from Mac to PC

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Good morning, I am a Mac user, I have a 2016 MacBook Pro and it is in desperate need of an upgrade.  A new MacBook is going to set me back between $5000 and $6000, which is way too much, so I am thinking about switching to a Gaming Laptop. I have read through all of your recommendations on what is required on buying a new laptop and I'm looking for 1TB storage, 32GB RAM (is 16gb sufficient?), 8GB Video RAM, IPS display panel, i7 or equiv.    Also, am I going to encounter any other problems switching from Mac to PC in terms of software, I mostly use Bridge and Photoshop.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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The only thing I would recommend is having a fresh HD that is formatted on your Windows Computer to receive your Mac HD's files. By default, Apple makes things EXTREMELY EASY to switch from Windows to Mac, BUT NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. You will also need translation software in order to properly read Mac Formatted Drives. I recommend MacDrive 10 Standard. It costs $49.99...which is typical of utility software of that type.

So what you do, is install MacDrive 10 Standard on your Windows Computer, and open the software. Then hook up your Mac EHD. Then access that drive. Then you COPY & PASTE the files from your Mac EHD to the new Windows EHD. Why copy & paste? Because if things screw up during the transfer, you can always hit cancel and try again. If you Cut & Paste, you are deleting the source files as they copy over. Make sense?

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