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Monitor for 2021 MacBook Pro


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Hi Brian - 

I read through some threads about monitors and your specific recommendations were tailored to the laptops people were connecting to. I gathered IPS and anti-glare are important. 

I’m not a professional but I have enough disposable income to justify something under $1k (USD). 

I have a 2021 14” MacBook Pro and a SpyderPro Elite calibrator that I just got for Christmas. 

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8 hours ago, jamiemichelle said:

I gathered IPS and anti-glare are important. 


The problem is the current MacBook Pros (and all Apple products) is the M1 chip architecture changed all the rules. Not only are their display panels different, the signal coming out of the Thunderbolt ports is also different; Apple isn't using the standard RGB Signal that has been around forever, which causes color-issues and banding on Non-Apple Displays. For the "Best" Display, you are looking at the 27" $1600 Apple Studio Display. Unfortunately, you really don't want to use a Spyder X with a Apple Display. The Calibrite ColorChecker Display Pro is a better fit with today's Macs.

In terms of "Almost as good as..." that Title goes to the LG UltraFine 27MD5KL-B display. Apple helped develop it and I believe it's the same panel as the Apple one, of course without the extra "Magic Dust" that Apple does to make their products work better. Right now it's on sale until Dec 31st for $1166.99. So if you can swing an extra $170 it's worth buying.

For a lower cost alternative, this Dell UltraSharp U3223QE should work fine with your 2021 MacBook Pro.

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