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Opening PSD File in ACR

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I am in the RAW class.  I'm looking to revisit an image I shot a couple of years ago and can only find the PSD file for it.  I would like to make RAW adjustments for Damien to review.  I cannot open the PSD file in ACR - from Bridge the option to open with ACR is greyed out.  Having googled this problem I was able to convert the original background layer to a smart object in PS and then open in ACR from here.  In ACR I can make most adjustments, although I assume there are more problems with this method than I could image.

Do you have any advice on how I could have this image reviewed by Damien in the RAW class or is it a right off?  It's just a family pic of my daughter but it's one of my favourites.




PS_ Screenshot of file opened as Smart Object in ACR attached.  The main difference I noticed straight away was that WB options are limited to Custom or Auto, presumably because this is not a RAW file? Grasping at straws here :)

Smart Object in ACR.jpg

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