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Trying to create marketing material in PS

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Hi Damien,

This is my first time using your forum so I hope I am doing it all right?

I am trying to create some double sided postcards (4x6) with information on regarding my referral program. It would just be text no photos.

I made the front and back and was quite proud of myself until I uploaded them to print and was told the resolution is too low. I had created a new file as 4 x 6 since that was the size I wanted to print at. I tried again doubling the size (8 x 12 - I figured it would be the right ratio then) and it is still saying the res is too low. What am I doing wrong please?


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Where are you printing this, and what is that printer's recommended minimum PPI?  You'd have to make the file 4x6 at a given resolution -- the 4x6 is the right shape, but it isn't the right size (with the right number of pixels) unless you've set the resolution correctly.

4x6 at 300ppi (which is generally what print labs require) would be 1200x1800 pixels.  Is that what you've got?

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