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Hi Brian,

I was able to fix my 6-year-old laptop 2 years ago by adding extra memory, but with the latest versions of photoshop I'm hitting its limits. So I'm looking for a replacement.

When I see the price differences I think I will go for a desktop instead of a laptop. (I do photo editing on my external screen anyway).

I was looking at the dell website. Am I correct that with the given conditions the alienware would be the better choice between these two?



(With the XPS I also don't have the option to immediately purchase windows pro, with the alienware I have)

Also, I read your article where you state the RTX 3090 videocard is overkill. But would it make sense to choose a RTX 3090 with 24 GB to be more future proof? (Price difference would be €260 (420AUD) )



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Between the two, the Alienware has faster components (RAM / Video / Hard Drive / CPU,) but will Photoshop take advantage of the things that make it faster? Maybe. Probably not. If it does, it won't be as dramatic as one would think. Now if you were playing video games and such, then you would notice a difference.

1 hour ago, Griet said:

RTX 3090 videocard is overkill. But would it make sense to choose a RTX 3090 with 24 GB to be more future proof?

There is about a 7% performance gain with the 3090 vs a 3070. So if you are just using Photoshop, it's not that big of a difference and if you factor in the cost increase, I'd say it's overkill. But if you want to purchase a 3090, that's fine. Future-proof? I won't disagree that a 3090 would be "better" BUT, that all depends on what Adobe does in the future. It may buy you some time, or not. It's so hard to say. I can say this, either of those computers you linked to should get you about 7 years worth of software life. Of course, Adobe keeps adding shit and creating bloat with the software, so YMMV. Honestly, at the core, people do not "need" more than PS CS6, it's all those fancy tools like Content Aware, Auto Sky Replacement, and other new things that are making people buy new computers. 

I'd still recommend using the NVIDIA Studio Drivers which are drivers that are designed for programs like Photoshop and Lightroom. If you use the default "Gaming" Drivers, you'll notice a lag in certain situations. That being said, I'd check Dell's Website to see if they have the "Studio Drivers." More often than not, the Video Cards in Dells like Dell Drivers. If you do end up purchasing either one, call Dell first before you go messing with the drivers. 

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